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Spy on your competitors like a pro to win traffic

Use Checkaso tools to get insights about your competitors, boost your app installs from the search, and take over your niche.
Checkaso ASO tool
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Hunger games (and apps)
or why track competitors
million apps are available on Google Play
million apps are available on the App Store
Such high competition makes it harder than ever to attract users. It gets easier when you monitor apps that target the same audience and learn how to stand out in this race for users.
And Checkaso is right here to help you win it!
How to capture the leadership
with Checkaso
Start with ASOindex analysis. It shows from 1 to 10 how well an app page is optimized. You also get an average ASOindex for your category.

Compare your ASOindex and it's main parameters (text elements, ratings, keywords popularity, etc.) with competitors to learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Use Checkaso tools for it:
1. Look at the full picture
Keyword tool for ASO
Overview to analyze the ASOindex worldwide
Competitors analysis for a quick ASO comparison
Sometimes competitors unintentionally show how to outdo them. You only need to watch them. Use Comparative analysis to:

• Compare any two app pages on one screen
• Check app page previous versions
• Monitor how others localize their metadata

Bonus: you can also track your own changes like on the image.
2. Compare to win
Beat off the competition
Rating and reviews say a lot about your competitors. Bugged update, missing features, favorite things, in-app activities — it's all in the reviews. Analyze it to find opportunities for your own growth.

Use Checkaso Rating and reviews section with detailed info on your competitors' rating to make it fast and to get to the point filter anyone's reviews by:

• Version (how did users react to the new feature?)
• Rating (what do users write in their 1 star reviews?)
• Status (does every review gets a response?)

Or apply filters together.
3. Read users' mind reviews
Keyword tool for ASO
With all the insights in mind, it's time to enter the game of installs called ASO, pick the right keywords for your app page, and win the traffic in stores.

Checkaso tools:
4. Borrow some keywords
ASO Overview to find intersecting keywords
Proposed Keywords to get missing keywords
Competitors to analyze the difference in ranks
Start your way
to the top right now
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Must-reads on competitors analysis
Read our articles on comparative analysis, learn the best practice, and become an ASO guru