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Show your app to the target audience all over the world with updates made with Checkaso
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We use cookies to provide you the best user experience
Why do text optimization
Because it's the surest way to increase organic installs. Look at the numbers
of the App Store visitors use search to find apps
of all downloads are made after a search
Use the power of Checkaso
to grow your audience
Collect every single keyword your app can be indexed by into a full-on semantic core.

Use Checkaso tools:
1. Make your own dictionary
Keyword tool for ASO
Keyword Welcome Pack with up to 50 keywords
Keyword Explorer full of keyword suggestions
Proposed Keywords with the list of competitors' keywords
Find the gems to use in your metadata among loads of words. Use metrics to make the right decision.
2. Prioritize with data in mind
Search Volume to learn a keyword frequency
Rank to learn the current position by a keyword
Total apps to see how competitive a keyword is
Keyword analysis with all metrics you need:
3. Prepare your next update
Make it easier to find your app all over the world
Work with keywords and try the best ones for your update
Try different versions of your app page
Look how many keywords you cover in your metadata
Edit and compare with current version right here
Bonus: Localize with the built-in translator
Use one of a kind Text editor to cover as many keywords in your metadata as possible and increase your app impressions and organic traffic. Copy and paste it to your App Store Connect or Google Play Console in a few clicks.
Improve each element with Appy tips
Wait till stores index your update and analyze how your positions have changed and how new keywords are performing. Use this data to plan the next version.

Checkaso tools to help you:
4. Keep everything under control
ASOindex to see the full ASO picture
Ranking to check all position changes
Keyword Analysis to track keyword changes
5. Repeat.
Remember that text optimization is an ongoing process. Test your ideas, try new keywords, and get the most out of every available character.
We at Checkaso are here to help you!
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