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This e-book provides an explanation of the indexes that are used in ASO. We will share what they mean and how to successfully use them when you are optimizing your app.

Get concentrated knowledge from analytic data, customized frameworks, step-by-step guidelines and start using them in your ASO iterations right away!

Indexes help you achieve great results

This e-tutorial is about text ASO. David Margaryan, Head of ASO at Checkaso, explains the basic principles of working with text optimization on the App Store and in Google Play Market. He talks about the use of algorithms in the work and ways to quickly interpret the results.

And the icing on the cake, at the end you will find 7 expert life hacks for working with text ASO.

How to work with semantics the right way

We have collected for you all significant holidays and dates for the seasonal ASO in a convenient one-page memo. Keep it handy, or better — add to your calendar. By making a seasonal update, you increase the chances of your app to get featured, which means you get more attention and installs!

Seasonal events matter

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