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ASOindex shows how well your app is optimized for stores.

Just add your app to Checkaso — and get its ASOindex in a few seconds.

With it, you will get customized tips on how to improve your ASO performance.
What is my app's ASOindex?
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Once you add an app, you will get a ready-to-use keyword starter pack. Extend the semantic core using keyword auto-suggestions and keywords your competitors use.
Create a semantic core
Only relevant keywords
Auto and manual keywords adding
Data directly from the stores
We check the current state of your ASO and provide you with detailed keyword analytics
    Monitor app ranking
    Up-to-date ranking by keyword
    Initial keyword indexing date
    Highest and lowest ranks
    Keep an eye on your competitors' keywords and get the latest news about their ASO to stay one step ahead.
    Monitor competitors activity
    New keywords insights
    Competitors matrix
    Ranking dynamics
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