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About Checkaso
Checkaso is an ASO analytics platform that provides accurate data to evaluate app store optimization and insights to improve it. The service has been created by ASO specialists and is suitable for users with any experience, from beginners to professionals.

Checkaso's functionality is constantly being enhanced with new tools like impressions by keywords, keyword popularity, app ranking in real time, competitors' updates, efficiency of organic traffic acquisitions, and others.
We're always glad to share analytics with the industry professionals passionate about mobile apps, app marketing, ASO, app stores algorithms insights, and more.

We can provide partners with insider statistics and competitive data across app performance through countries, ASO quality and dynamics, app localization insights, in-apps promotion strategies. This is only a small part of the data that can enrich and illustrate your content.
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We're always glad to share our experience in mobile marketing and ASO. You can often watch us at conferences, ASO audits of apps and webinars with industry leaders. Let's collaborate?
Ksenia Burn
She has been managing digital projects for over 13 years, specializing in product launches, strategic and investment consulting, high tech marketing and branding. Co-authored Checkaso algorithms.
David Margaryan
Head of ASO
He has been promoting mobile apps for over 3 years as well as running educational webinars. He worked with Okko, Aviaseller,, MyBook, ‎Beeline, CoinKeeper³, Survival Island and others. Conducted 100+ ASO audits. Co-authored Checkaso algorithms. Developed a system for fast ASO performance checks. Wrote a book on text ASO life hacks.
Alena Konasheva
ASO Specialist
Knows how to make your ASO great again and get more organic traffic. Developed step-by-step scenarios on how to improve ASO indexes. Helped 50+ apps make it to the top.
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Yaroslav Chuykov
Product Marketing Manager
Yaroslav is responsible for planning and implementing both growth and retention activities in Checkaso's marketing strategy. Marketing is his lifestyle, he has a Telegram channel about marketing and he often shares experience as a speaker at various events.
Irina Heinz
Head of Content
She has been writing about mobile marketing and ASO for more than 3 years. Her texts were published in Hacker Noon, MarketingDive, AppTractor, App2Top and other specialized media. You can ask her to comment on content trends and mobile industry news.
Daniil Ovcharov
ASO Specialist
Promoted food delivery apps, mobile games and cryptocurrency wallets. Made over 50 ASO audits, including live ones. He'll tell you how to improve your ASO to increase conversions.
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You'll get one more backlink from a credible source which is great for your SEO.

Your articles will be promoted on our social media pages and email letters. This is also a great opportunity to spread the word.
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