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Ranking & Distribution – total control over the dynamics of your positions by keywords
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WEBINAR | December 23, 2PM (GMT)
We now have a Ranking & Distribution section, which helps you track the effectiveness of promotion by keywords. At this webinar, Ekaterina will tell you how to properly analyze the data and what conclusions about the dynamics of your application can be drawn from the current situation.
Ekaterina Kryakhova
Customer Success Manager at Checkaso
December 23, 2PM (GMT)
New in Checkaso:
How Ranking & Distribution helps to measure the success of your activities and how successful you are with text ASO;

Why Keywords Movement Index can take negative values;

How to work Installs. Why the data of this metric is presented in two values: Total and Daily;

How we changed the Text Editor to make it easier to work with new templates and create metadata texts in less time.
    You will learn:
    40 minutes
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